Monday, 10. June 2024 in Munich

Harnessing the power of OKRs

hosted by Afonso Franco, ex-Product Director at Easee, Author of "Harnessing the power of OKRs"

Have you experienced any of the 4 main challenges with OKRs in Organizations?

The Awareness Problem

Companies are still unaware of OKRs or any other goal-setting technique aiming to foster an outcome-driven culture, empowerment, and agility. As a consequence, they find themselves trapped in command and control management practices - which leads them to often fail. 

The Misunderstanding problem

Most of us misunderstand what OKRs actually are, how to use them, and the ingredients we need to have to succeed. This gets even worse given the widespread misinformation about OKRs - sometimes from credible sources. 

The Adoption Problem

Many companies are aware of OKRs and have decided to give it a try. The intentions are good. But, unfortunately, the majority fail to adopt them effectively - often reverting to more traditional approaches that don’t help us with what we wanted in the first place.  

The Theatre problem

This has become a main challenge in our industry. It’s probably the biggest problem I’ve seen, out of these four. OKR theatre happens when we use OKRs on paper but, in reality, we are sticking to old habits. In other words: nothing has really changed... Our OKRs are still lists of tasks, not outcomes. Our objectives are set in isolation. Our key results are not measurable outcomes and are not reviewed frequently by the teams. People set their OKRs at the beginning of the quarter and forget about them a week later. It’s a painful theatre that reveals itself in failure, sooner or later. 


Learn to overcome the 4 challenges

The good news is that all 4 of these challenges can be solved or avoided, by understanding OKRs properly and by having the right mental models, practical insights from various contexts, and the right toolkit!

This is exactly why Afonso decided to write his ebook “Harnessing the Power of OKRs” and put together this workshop.

Target Audience

Who is the workshop for?

  • Product teams (Product Managers/Owners, Designers, Tech Leads)
  • Product Leaders, Engineering Leaders, Design Leaders
  • Founders
  • Consultants and Agile Coaches who want to learn about the topic to better support the organizations they work with
Learning Outcomes

What will I learn?

By the end of this workshop, you will: 

  • Understand the fundamental concept of OKRs and their role in fostering empowerment, a culture of outcomes, and how teams and leaders can use them to deploy their product strategy and drive impact effectively;
  • Understand the difference between OKRs and other traditional goal-setting frameworks;
  • Understand the characteristics of good Objectives and Key Results, and the most common pitfalls and traps we tend to fall for
  • Be able to formulate great OKRs, know how to use them as a team, and why certain principles matter more than we think
  • Learn how leaders and teams should collaborate when it comes to using OKRs;
  • Learn and practice advanced OKR concepts, such as lagging and leading indicators, shared OKRs, and OKRs in Discovery
  • Learn practical lessons along the way from 20+ different product leaders from all over the world

Afonso is one of the greatest minds in product and an OKR wonder weapon...

“Afonso is very knowledgeable about all things Product Management and great at sharing that knowledge. I went to his OKR workshop with the objective to become better at driving OKRs within my department and I left with several key results to make measurable progress towards that objective. All attendees loved it!

Tania Nemes

Director of Product at Adidas Apps

Great investment into future success
“Afonso has been instrumental in setting us up for future success by scaling the use of OKRs and Business Model Innovation!”

Eirik Skaar

Vice President at Laerdal Medical

one of the brightest minds in product
“Afonso possesses one of the brightest product minds I have encountered throughout my professional journey. He’s been instrumental in my professional growth.”

Martin Spinnangr

CPO at Munu

“Afonso not only manages to explain OKRs in a way that makes it easy to understand, but he’s also very clear and purposeful in guiding people from theory to practice. Has has turned a room full of skeptics into believers!”

Caroline Vorpenes

Chief Growth Officer at eDrilling

Most important information


On-site Workshop at Design Offices Munich, Germany (Exact Location TBD)


10. June 2024, Full Day incl. Lunch & Beverages


Early Bird Tickets start at 490€ + VAT

🔥 Seats are limited

On-Site Workshop at Design Offices in Munich

incl. Food and Drinks throughout the day.

Personally given by Afonso Franco

Current one of the leading minds in product and an expert on OKRs

Hands on learning environment

The workshop is extremely practical, combining short and digestible lectures, group activities, individual reflection, and scenario-based exercises - to foster valuable discussions and test our knowledge as we go, as part of a fun environment!

Starting from 490€ + VAT
Workshop is personally given by Afonso Franco
Hands-on learning experience with various practical exercises
Great community of product people and company leaders to connect with
A Copy of Afonso's e-book: "Harnessing the power of OKRs"
Food & Beverages throughout the day
Inspiring location in the heart of Munich
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