Transformed: Moving to the Product Operating Model

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Marty Cagan, Partner Product @ SVPG

Marty dives into the complex process of business transformation, highlighting both its anti-patterns and valuable lessons from successes.

The talk underscores the shift from mere ‘Agile’ labels to profound changes in building, problem-solving, and decision-making. Cagan emphasizes transitioning from big releases to consistent cadences, evolving from stakeholder-driven roadmaps to empowered product teams, and redefining how companies prioritize threats and opportunities.

At its core, the transformation journey seeks to tap into the talent of your people to provide a machine for consistent innovation. This talk promises to provide a holistic view of company transformation, guiding product leaders on where they stand and where they need to head.

About Marty

Marty Cagan is a leading voice in product and a partner at Silicon Valley Product Group. He’s renowned for his book “Inspired” and “Empowered”. His next book will be about the transformation of organizations called “Transformed” which is also the content of his talk.

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