New Products Masterclass

A revenue-centric, customer-first program for companies to launch new products & services in just 12 weeks.


Revenue in 12 weeks

Our interpretation of agility: quickly testing with the customer whether the product is relevant. We have already led teams to their first revenue within the programme period. Yes, we have also achieved this in a B2B context.


Radically customer-centric

We emphasise iterative and hypothesis-driven business model development based on clever experiments. At the centre: the customer.


Cultural change included

If you want to change the culture of an organisation, you have to start by changing the decisions of individuals. This is exactly what we do - we enable better business decisions.


Best practice from corporates & startups

Our experience from corporate & startup environments combines the best of both worlds: Speed and Power!


Situations, where the New Product Masterclass helps

You have an existing idea

Your team or company has an idea and wants to make it a success. You are looking for an experienced partner who can help you make your idea a success faster and more reliably.

Your existing product is not working

You already have a product in its infancy, but something is not working properly. We will be happy to look at the specific situation with you and give you an assessment of what needs to be done.

You want to build an Intrapreneurship Program

You would like to set up an intrapreneurship program in your company to implement a sustainable approach to developing innovative products and services. Talk to us about our experience.

Just Product

We are hosting the biggest hybrid product conference in continental europe


If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

Is the New Products Masterclass remote or on-site?

Both are possible. We typically run our programs remotely. However, there are often customers who would like to have the team partially on site.

Can I also do the New Product Masterclass with existing products?

Yes, you can do the Product Masterclass with existing products. The Masterclass will help you to optimize and improve your products to make them more attractive to your customers.

We often have customers in the New Products Masterclass whose products are not yet successful or are missing a clear product-market-fit.

Can I develop new products as part of the New Product Masterclass?

Yes, within the New Product Masterclass you definitely have the opportunity to develop new products. Our program is specifically designed to help teams and individuals realize innovative ideas and turn them into successful products and services.

In doing so, we rely on proven and state-of-the-art methods such as Lean Startup, Jobs to Be Done and Design Thinking. The Lean Startup approach helps us to test and validate product ideas in a flexible and resource-efficient way. With the Jobs to Be Done method, we focus on the needs and requirements of your customers in order to develop products that offer real added value. And through design thinking, we encourage creative problem solving and promote a deep understanding of the users of our products.

The New Products Masterclass takes a strongly customer-centric approach. This means that we always focus on the needs and wishes of our customers and use this as the basis for product development. This type of approach helps us to create products that are not only innovative, but also market-driven and customer-oriented.

We accompany you through all phases of the process - from brainstorming, conception and prototyping to the market launch. And even after the launch of your product, we are at your side with help and advice to help you continuously develop and improve your product.

To summarize: Yes, you can definitely develop new products with our "New Product Masterclass". We provide the tools, methods and support you need to successfully realize your ideas.

How much do I have to invest in the New Product Masterclass?

The price depends on the number of ideas and the number of participants.

We would be happy to talk to you about your specific case and prepare a quote.