Ania Szostek

Ania is an experienced product leader with over 10 years of product management experience.
She currently (as of 2023) a product director at Tinder and has held various product positions at Google and P&G.

From Data Points to Heartbeats: Moving Beyond Data to Get the Picture Right

In an age where data-driven strategies dominate, Ania's tenure at Tinder confronted her with the limitations of a purely metric-focused approach, as the platform saw diminishing returns from such decisions.

How then, do leading tech giants like Tinder and Google navigate to ensure sustained product success?

Drawing from Ania's experiences at both companies, this session unveils the profound realization that success goes beyond mere metrics. Venture into the journey from conventional analytics to harnessing user emotions and qualitative insights.

Learn how Ania and her teams integrated this feedback into their product strategy, crafting a more holistic view of success factors, and in turn, fostering innovative decision-making and robust business outcomes.

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