Julia Bastian

Julia is VP Product @Alasco building products for the future of the real estate industry.

Unlocking B2B Product Discovery: Real-World Tactics and Takeaways

The approach to product discovery in B2B is distinctly different from its B2C counterpart. While most literature and case studies focus on B2C, Julia from Alasco – a leading company digitizing the real estate industry – offers a fresh perspective on the unique nuances of B2B product discovery.

This talk highlights the challenges and possibilities inherent to product management in the B2B sector - from multifaceted stakeholder expectations, long sales & onboarding cycles to complex decision-making pathways primarily driven by qualitative data. Contrasting these with B2C’s direct-to-consumer, quantitatively driven, high-volume approach, Julia draws from Alasco’s first-hand experiences to illuminate the patterns of B2B discovery.

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