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Our top product management instructors help product managers to step up their game, advance their career and build better products.

Our Instructors come from top product companies


Product Management Certificate

After successful completion of our training you receive a digital certificate, that you can embed into your LinkedIn Profile.


Your Instructors work in Product

Our programme is led by product leaders & managers who have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with you. They will guide you through the training and offer valuable insights and practical advice that you can apply directly in your work.


100% Remote

Through a combination of live elements, real-world case studies and expert mentoring, we offer a unique learning experience that sets our programme apart from others. 100% remote from where ever you are.

The Product Masterclass is designed to improve the skill set & mindset of product people. By running through the full product development lifecycle in 8 weeks, we change how you think about software product management.

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What our alumnis love...

"For example, the roadmap process. I now approach it with much more confidence and self-assurance because I know it has worked elsewhere before."
Markus Ellmer Produktmanager

Markus Ellmer

Product Manager, Teamecho

"Because of the Product Masterclass, I got a new job @ Check24"

Payam Ajami

Product Manager, Check24

"The Case Studies from Top Product Companies was My Personal Highlight"

Dr. Stephanie Kuwaja

Product Manager, Eurofins Genomics

"The Product Masterclass right at the beginning of my role as Product Owner saved me a lot of time in which I would have had to make my own experiences and mistakes in order to become really good at this job."

Linda Hof

Product Owner, IQVIA


8 Weeks, 8 Modules

From Discovery to Delivery

Instructors from leading digital companies

Learn from real product managers who have already solved many of your challenges.

Apply your learnings to your product

You can apply all your learnings to your product, to make it better during the 8 weeks.

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This is what you get
Look behind the scenes of successful product companies
Access to our exclusive Slack Community
Weekly Live Sessions with your cohort and instructors
Access to Video Content from 4 Top Instructors covering Product, UX, Business & Tech
Product Masterclass Certificate
Measure your progress with the Product Mindset Assessment
Risk-free: 100% Money-Back Guarantee until Week 4 of the Product Masterclass

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If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

Does the product masterclass help me to build better products?

Yes, that is exactly the goal of the Product Masterclass. Unlike other certifications that focus on frameworks such as Kanban or Scrum (e.g. PSPO I), we provide a holistic view of product development, that goes beyond delivery. We support you with case studies, methods and proven best practices from our day to day product work.

How much time, do i need to invest?

We have structured the Masterclass in such a way that you can complete it alongside your job. You should plan for the following time per week:
‍approx. 30 min: video input at the beginning of the week
‍approx. 60 min: A weekly assignment helps you in your daily work to do your job better, faster & more efficient and to put the theory directly into practice.
‍90 min: In the coaching call we talk about your results and questions. We share insights how you can solve your individual challenges.

‍Overall, our experience shows that you can get by with about 3 hours per week.

Do I get certified?

Yes, we officially certify your participation in the Product Masterclass. This certificate is also available online with proof of participation and can be connected to your LinkedIn profile.

Is the Product Masterclass suitable for me?

The Product Masterclass is very suitable for software product managers & product owners. The title is used slightly differently in each organization. Many aspects can be applied to hardware products or combinations of analog & digital products.Depending on your experience level you will take away different things from the Product Masterclass:

‍0 - 1 year: Participant:s who have just started as PM/PO will get a perfect overview of all aspects of the job and a good start into the new challenge. You will save a lot of time and nerves with this coaching.

‍1 - 3 years: Participants with more experience will take their product game to the next level. This is really about optimizing the way you work and learning new methods. Participants also tell us that through the Product Masterclass they were able to uncover their "blindspots" and address them.

‍3 years +: Participants with more experience will reflect on their company's principles and processes and identify key improvements. Interaction with other POs, PMs & the coaches will give you input to drive these improvements. You will not only advance personally, but also provide valuable input to your organization, that put you on the map for a leadership position or advance further.

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