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We focus on teaching application, not theory. Our Curriculum & Instructors reflect that.

Meet your instructors

Justyna Walkowska
Group Product Manager @ DeepL

fmr. Director Product @ Visa, fmr. Product Lead @ Fandom

Rasmus Breyer
CPO @ 48bytesNorth

fmr. Product Lead @ Check24

Sebastian Borggrewe
CPO @ Product Masterclass

fmr. Head of Product @ DriveNow, fmr. Product Manager @ Sixt

Philipp Sackl-O'Neil
Freelance Product & Design Leader

fmr. Head of Design @ Freeletics and Mozilla Firefox

Thomas Hartmann
CEO @ Product Masterclass

fmr. Mentor @ Google Launchpad, fmr. Product Manager @ ProsiebenSat1


Week 1
Customer Centricity

Dive deep into market dynamics by conducting insightful customer interviews, gaining valuable insights into customer needs and preferences, laying the foundation for informed product development.

Week 2
Product Discovery
Learn how Product Discovery can help you to use your development resources more efficiently. Navigate product uncertainties by identifying potential risks
Week 3
Experiments & Prototyping
Learn to navigate uncertainties in product development by trying out creative prototypes and tests. This week focuses on addressing potential risks, ensuring a solid foundation for your project before committing to big-scale development.

"The Case Studies from Top Product Companies was My Personal Highlight”

Stephanie Kuwaja, Product Manager
Eurofins Genomics

Week 4
Stakeholder Management
Explore the landscape of key stakeholders, learning effective reflection and engagement techniques crucial for successful product development, fostering collaborative relationships that drive product success. 🎉
Week 5
Product Vision, Strategy & Roadmapping
Learn how a good product vision and strategy looks like. You will also craft a tangible roadmap, aligning the interests of stakeholders and customers, providing a clear direction for both short and long-term goals.
Week 6
Better Requirements
Break down complex roadmaps into data-driven requirements, facilitating seamless collaboration with development teams, and ensuring early incorporation of key elements into the planning process.
Week 7
Working with Developers
Enhance collaboration with software developers, exploring agile methodologies tailored to specific environments, fostering efficient communication and streamlined development processes.
Week 8
Measure Product Success
🚀 Last WeeK. LET'S GO
Implement robust measurement strategies to assess the effectiveness of product features, ensuring alignment with objectives and providing valuable insights for continuous improvement and iteration.
🎉 You did it!
You learned how to
build better products
Following the Product Masterclass, you'll not only experience a boost in confidence but also acquired valuable tools and methods from leading product companies. Moreover, you'll establish meaningful connections with fellow product managers in your cohort.

Learn, Apply, Improve

Real-life Case Studies & Methodology

Through our world class video content, you will learn tried-and-tested practical methodology from real product managers. You will also learn how they have applied it in their companies using real-world case studies.

Apply in Your Own Product

Execution is everything. That is why you will apply your acquired knowledge to your product and your company in practical exercises to take your product management skills to the next level. If you do not work in product yet, we will find a case study for you.

Live Session & Expert Mentoring

Receive feedback on your implementation of the exercises and discuss potential for improvement with the instructors and other product managers in your cohort.


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