For Product Leaders & Teams

A company cohort can start at any time and can be tailored to your individual challenge.

Companies trust us with their in-house teams


Empower your product team

Help your product team to work more autonomously, ask better questions and find solutions that your customers actually need.


Develop a common language & implement state-of-the-art product management methodology

Help your team develop a common understanding of how you work & communicate at each stage of the product development cycle - from customer needs to measuring outcomes.


Specific challenge?

There is a good chance that we have already seen your challenge, as we work with many different organizations. Let's find out together how we can help.

The Product Masterclass is designed to improve the skill set & mindset of product people. By running through the full product development lifecycle in 8 weeks, we change how you think about software product management.

"Absolutely fantastic format...  I would
do it again in a heartbeat!"

Roger Sutter

Chief Digital Officer, Baloise Bank


We measure the progress of your team

Product Masterclass participants improve on average by 10 - 20% in all 15 dimensions along the product development cycle. This ultimately leads to measurable better products.